Planes, Trains and Snowmobiles - Getting Around Sweden

Posted by Jamie Woodward 28th March 2019
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On his most recent adventures, Travel Consultant Jamie got to grips with the best ways to get around snowy Sweden.

Strut your stuff in snowshoes

Definitely the easiest way to explore the Swedish wilderness. Strap these onto your feet and you can magically walk on the deepest snow... or at least try! Not to mention they’re super stylish and totally in this season.

EmBARK on a traditional husky safari

Become a Musher. Learn the calls, the dog’s names and familiarize yourself with each of their unique behaviors – you’ll be an honorary member of the good-boy pack in no time.

Rev it up a notch with a snowmobile 

Exhilarating. Thrilling. One for the petrol heads. During the winter, in the north of Sweden you’ll see more snowmobiles than cars. They’re not only for tourism purposes, they help the local people in the most remote parts of the wilderness to get the supplies they need... they also happen to be rather fun!

Floating on ice in a hovercraft 

A different and unique way to explore the future...I mean, the frozen, snow-covered landscape. Gliding seamlessly across the frozen Baltic Sea is a great way to check out the scenic Luleå Archipelago. Keep an eye out…you may even spot a Moose, Seal or Sea Eagle on the way!

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