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Mexico Magico

Posted by Daniel Steeger 15th March 2018
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Mexico is one of the most diverse countries in the world, because of its people, its culture, the bio-diversity, heritage, history and many other things… All these elements makes this a unique country and a very attractive destination for all kinds of tourism.

Although Mexico is well known for its beaches, there’s a whole lot more for travellers. Thanks to its mountainous geography it has everything from high mountain forests to deserts of endemic fauna, passing through jungles and high valleys, it is rich in ancient traditions and is more recently recognised worldwide for its cuisine. This is truly one of the few places one can pass through ancestral sites to modern cities with vanguard architecture in the wink of an eye… Mexico never fails to wow, it is simply magical.

I hadn’t returned to Mexico for quite some time, and had almost forgotten the endless towns to explore, walking down the cobbled streets, smelling the different aromas coming from fascinating markets and listening to some local musicians playing regional tunes.  But what makes Mexico so different? I narrowed the list to ten things:

10: Trumpets

From symphonic orchestra to oompah bands, they all carry this metallic instrument. Whilst most countries only bring out their trumpets for parties or special occasions, Mexico plays them every day!

9: Mezcal

This national liquor is known worldwide in one of its refined forms: Tequila

8: Hangovers

Mexican parties are notorious for getting out of control, people throw the house out the window (this phase, translated literally from the Spanish, means to go all out) and everyone is invited. Of course, this brings a strong headache the next day.

7: Albures

A linguistic trick of the Mexican; it’s a true art that requires an agile mind and playful words. Always expect an answer with word games.

6: Catholics

Mexico has the second biggest Catholic population in the world. (Do you know where number #1 is?)

5: Quick Lunches

Also known as vitamin T…Tacos, tortas, tamales and tostadas which form part of a Mexican’s daily life.

4: Telenovelas

In 1958 the regional TV studios produced a soap opera for the first time, 60 years later the same studio has made over 750 and they being sold worldwide with the same formula: A man falls in love with a woman, but for some tragic reason they can’t be together…

3: Lucha Libre

Mexican wrestling can be considered the regional answer to Hollywood or Bollywood. Fun and horrifying masks, fun to watch and with more added drama than anywhere else.

2: Polite Lies

Mexicans rarely use the word “no” out of fear of being seen as rude, however many have found a way around it with “ahorita” (one second).

1: Day of the Dead

This festival takes place all around Mexico. Altars with photos of the deceased, their favourite food, drinks, sweets in form of skulls, candles and flowers. It is a celebration that must be seen and lived.

All these ten elements are what makes Mexico a truly magical and wonderful place – it must be experienced, and not just once in a lifetime!

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