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Just Back From...Iran

Posted by Clem Lang 28th May 2019
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Best View?

day tours tehran

Take the lift up to the viewing platform at the top of Milad Tower in Tehran for great views over the city!

Favourite Dish?

iranian people

The food in Iran is a real treat with a good variety of stews and kebabs being the main fare. The food was definitely one of the highlights of my trip. The various breads are all delicious and come with most meals. One of my favourites was tasting the freshly baked flatbread in the village of Abyaneh which made for a great car snack. 

Best nights’ accommodation?

yazd iran

The beautiful Firouzeh Hotel in Yazd was definitely my favourite that I stayed in. A traditional hotel set around a leafy courtyard famed for the pink flowers that hang over the pool with little fountains during certain seasons, you can lounge on the comfortable throne seats sipping tea.

Best Activity?

iran group tours

Ask your guide to take you to spectate a Zoorkhaneh session, this traditional Iranian exercise class and training session involves different strength and agility exercises done to the beat of a drum. 

Favourite Moment?

places to visit in iran

Watching the sunset from the top of the Tower of Silence located just outside Yazd was truly magical. Until about 50 years ago, Zoroastrian people did not bury their dead, they put the corpses on the top of these towers for the flesh to be consumed by birds such as vultures. The reason for this method was to avoid contact with Earth or Fire, both of which are considered sacred in the Zoroastrian religion. No longer used for this, the towers are beautiful circular structures located on top of a hill and watching the sunset from here over the surrounding dusty landscape was a very serene experience.

Best Souvenir?

Things to do in Isfahan

Any Regrets?


Not having enough time to stop and spend a night in the lovely Abyaneh village up in the hills.

Tips for Travellers?


Leave some space in your suitcase to bring back delicious treats and beautiful handicrafts. There are so many great shopping opportunities in Iran. Here you can see one of the ceramic masters in Meybod at work on his pottery wheel.

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