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Posted by Jamie Woodward 6th June 2018
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Wild Frontiers' Jamie recently returned from our Algerian Colours trip. Here he talks about some of the highlights, from exploring the Roman ruins of Djemila to hiking up vast sand dunes.


I could have chosen about twenty different pictures here. The bridges of Constantine; the view over the Port of Algiers; Oran’s fascinating Mediterranean art deco buildings; or the deserted red villages in the Sahara. However, this picture above and the time lapse video below are my favourites. Driving through the Sahara on these open roads was breath-taking. Each leg of the journey was dotted with mammoth dunes, and idyllic oasis landscapes. I will remember it forever.

Algeria Time Lapse



Grilled meats, fresh salads, homemade bread and tagine type dishes are a typical menu of Algeria. It was all incredibly tasty- you will never go hungry! Especially if fresh bread is your weakness…

One evening we went to a local guesthouse for dinner and were treated to a veritable feast- (sadly I did not get a picture). At the end of our meal, the gentlemen below from a local band came and played traditional music whilst we sipped our mint tea. It was fantastic!


The hotel in Timimoun boasted probably one of the best lobby views I think I have ever experienced (see picture above). The sunsets were fantastic, and in the mid-day heat, that pool was a real luxury… As was the sundowner beer!


Meandering around the UNESCO Roman sites of Djemila on Day 2 and Tipaza on Day 9 was great. The sites are fantastic and it does not take much imagination to be able to see the old streets, houses and temples. I would say that Djemila probably made it as my favourite, but only really because it was so vast and picturesque (see picture above). Tipaza however is set right on the Sea, so has a wonderful setting.


Without a doubt hiking up the sand dunes around Taghit. The hike was tough, and maybe I could have gone earlier in the morning, however the views were stunning, and it was so worth it once I made it up there. Sliding down was also fun…


I bought back with me a beautiful mini ceramic tagine pot and a copper bracelet. Both are quite incredible, as both designs are an amalgamation of the Arabic and Saharan/ African influences in Algeria.


Maybe not a souvenir as such, but I also had the pleasure of drinking some water out of a goat hide (see picture right). This was a souvenir I will take with me forever! 


I probably shouldn’t have drunk from the goat skin…


Algeria is really nothing like its other North African neighbours. When you go to Algeria, go with an open mind as you need to be patient, as there is a developing tourist infrastructure...but that is why is has so much charm, allure and appeal for those looking for adventure!

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