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Glamping under the Northern Lights

Posted by Nathan Drane 25th August 2016
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The term glamping was relatively new to me and the last thing I expected to hear was it in combination with Lapland and the Northern lights. On my recent trip to Finland I was incredibly lucky to stay in an Aurora dome and it more than lived up to my expectations.

I did not know what to expect as my guide walked me down to the lakeside pointing out the toilet and show block that are available for those staying in the domes. I suddenly had images of past camping trips to the Lake District and doubt began to creep in, it was minus 20 outside. I asked the guide about a cordoned off area where the lake water was visible and he kindly informed me that was a private ice bath that I could enjoy. The word enjoy seemed misplaced but I smiled and continued on to my night accommodation. 

As you open the door the heat inside hits you in a refreshing way and my doubts disappear as I see the beautiful furnishing and the see through window that allows a lovely view of the lake. The guide shows me the log burner that is the main source of heat and where the logs are stored to keep it running. The bed is amazingly comfortable and I suddenly got the appeal of glamping, you get the best of both worlds. The comfort of a luxurious hotel mixed with a roaring fire and a feeling of isolation. As the night sky darkens I head off on a snow mobile safari to search for the northern lights. We were not fortunate on this occasion and I was happy to return from the cold and start my log burner going. Settling down with the sound of the fire and the stars visible from your bed is a unique experience. I tried in earnest to stay awake in the hope of seeing the Aurora Borealis but to no avail, as the comfy bed and sound of the fire lulled me to sleep. It does however give me a good reason to return.


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