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Serbia Tours

Lying at the crossroads of central and southern Europe, Serbia is a land of rich diversity and timeless tradition. Surrounded by its Balkan neighbours, this landlocked gem is still refreshingly unspoiled by the trap-pings of mass tourism and can boast no fewer than four UNESCO cultural monuments including the medieval capital of Stari Ras and the 13th century monastery of Sopoćani. With a history imbued with a rich mix of eastern and western traditions, the region is soaked in Ottoman culture, Serbian nationalism and the historical reminders of its Orthodox heritage. Home to some of the most pristine landscapes left in Europe, its national parks are amongst the most beautiful in the region, with Tara National Park often being called the “lungs of Serbia”.

From the art nouveau architecture of captivating Subotica, to the monastery filled forests of Fruška National Park, this is a country of quite remarkable charm and scope. Emerging from decades of political and social turmoil, the Serbia of today can boast excellent wineries, some of the best restaurants in eastern Europe and ski resorts that are amongst the finest anywhere in the Balkans. Add to that the picturesque charms of traditional villages like Sremski Karlovci and the spectacular vistas of its national parks, and you have a destination of quite extraordinary allure.