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Peru Tours & Holidays

This South American country has it all. Peru is the land of towering peaks in the Andes, lush Amazon jungles and arid plains leading to the Pacific Ocean. In fact, it is home to more than 90 micro-climates! It’s also overflowing with history and culture to beguile and entrance you.

An adventure holiday of this magnitude – walking in the ancient footprints of the mystical Incas to Machu Picchu – demands the best Peru Tour package. Or, a custom-woven holiday that includes a diverse range of the truly amazing things this country offers.

We have put together tailor-made and small group tour options for when ‘only the best will do’.

Why Not Try A Tailor-Made PeruTrip?

A tailor-made Peru holiday is perfect if our group tour dates don’t suit, you’d like to adjust the itinerary, or you’d simply prefer a private Peru holiday with a group of friends or family. We can tailor almost any holiday to suit you, with handpicked hotels, guides and excursions to meet all your travel needs.

The many reasons to book a Peru Holiday

As this is such a multifaceted and magical holiday destination, summing it up on the page can be challenging. You don’t just visit Peru, you live it! Which is why it’s important to benefit from an itinerary that pieces together a good selection of things to see and do in Peru.

Diverse and exotic eco-systems

Of course, for many travellers, the big draw is the Amazon Rainforest and Amazon River in Peru.

Under the care of expert guides, small groups can see many rare sights as they hunt for millions of species of plants, insects, birds and animals in the rainforest that covers around 60% of Peru.

Alternatively, you may want to trek in the Andes mountains, with their patchwork of alpine lakes, mountain villages and crop fields resting in fertile dips and valleys.

The landscape around the Colca Canyon, in Southern Peru, will also leave you breathless. This is one of the world’s most enticing trekking destinations. It features terraced agriculture that pre-dates the Incas! It’s also a wonderful place for sightings of the giant Andean condor.

Perhaps your Peru experiences ‘must-do’ list includes visiting the Cloud Forest. It is just one of many unmissable features if your Peru Tour or holiday takes you to Cusco. It’s a day trip you won't regret, as this is the place the eastern slopes of the Andes blends with the Amazon’s lowlands, making it a bio-diversity dream come true.

With such amazing variation in climates, elevations and wildlife in Peru, our Tours or bespoke holidays can ensure that nothing is left to the imagination. Whether you long to see a sunrise over the Andes or a sunset on a beautiful tropical beach!

Also, this South American country offers numerous wildlife-filled Reserved Parks, where it is possible to see endangered species in the wild, such as River Dolphins and Manatees. Perhaps its best known is the Paracas National Reserve, Peru’s only marine reserve and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Highlights to consider for Peru holidays include the magnificent sand dunes of the Paracas Peninsula, and the 600ft tall Paracas Candelabra, a prehistoric geoglyph.

Unique, fascinating history in Peru

Peru Tours that take in the deeply significant history of this South American country are always in demand.

Even a casual interest in ancient legacies will afford some familiarity with the Inca Empire. These incredible people had architectural and agricultural skills ahead of their time. They also had gold, which they used to decorate their temples and even their daily lives.

The ‘birthplace’ of the Incas is believed to be Lake Titicaca, a deep and mysterious body of water in the Andes, on the border between Peru and Bolivia. This is the largest lake in South America.

You can also learn more about Inca heritage at the ChanChan ruins near Trujillo, on the northern desert coast of Peru. Alternatively, on a city break to Lima, you could include a visit to Pachacamac, a fascinating archaeological site 40 kilometres southeast of the capital.

For many world travellers and adventurers, the ultimate destination to soak up Inca experiences is the Empire’s capital Cuzco.

In fact, it’s recommended that all Peru Holidays and Tours include a visit to the city of Machu Picchu, perched high on a Cuzco mountain top and which stayed shrouded in mystery and legend for five centuries. In fact even today, this World Heritage Site (officially one of the Seven Wonders of the World) is a glorious puzzle.

One of the best times to visit Peru is to coincide with the traditional Inti Raymi, the winter solstice celebration that honours the Inca sun god.

Where and how can you see the Nazca lines? These vast geoglyphs – featuring animals and plants – were forged in ancient times by making incisions into the soil of the Nazca Desert. They are situated in southern Peru. Not surprisingly, they are best viewed from above! So be sure to add a flight across the Nazca lines to your ideal Peru holiday itinerary.

Peruvian culture and cuisines

The vibrant and colourful culture, traditions and cuisine of Peru are inextricably woven into its fabric. Peruvian food is famous the world over, as it is often delicate and experimental, drawing inspiration from international dishes and local produce. The national dish of Peru is probably Ceviche, fresh and succulent raw fish marinated in the juice for limes picked locally. You will also experience memorable flavours – and beautifully presented meals – based on goat, fish, duck and alpaca meat.

Variety of options and holiday experiences in Peru

Peru is one of the few countries to have its capital city on the coast. Which means city breaks in Lima offer a chance to soak up the sun along this South American country’s Pacific coast.

Lima is a fascinating blend of well-preserved heritage and culture, and modern attractions and facilities. It’s a great base for sea surfing, sandboarding but also packed with galleries, museums and architecture that will keep the most ardent of culture-vultures entranced.

While in the area of Lima, you may want to include a trip to Caral-Supe on your tailor-made holiday to Peru. This ancient settlement North of Lima is believed to be the oldest in the Americas, dating back some 5,000 years. Making it as archaeologically significant as other ancient developments of the same era, such as Stonehenge and the founding of Troy.

Places to stay on a Peru Holiday or Tour

No matter how adventurous you are, or how deeply you want to dive into the traditions of the ancient Incas and the glories of the Andes and Amazon, a good night’s sleep is important!

Wild Frontiers has curated a selection of hotels, hostels and village abodes for our travellers to enjoy. All with guest comfort and care as their priority, whether they are top Peru resort hotels, Peruvian guesthouses or mountain lodges for our treks and climbs!

These – along with all our Peru Tour travel arrangements and adventure opportunities – are backed by our financially protected partnership with the most reliable of travel companies and local contacts.