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Obscured by time, the routes of the Kalash are steeped in myth and legend. Descended, they maintain, from the armies of Alexander the Great, the Kalash worship a plethora of ancestral gods and hold colourful religious festivals of music and dance. Though the men now wear the standard Pakistani shalwar kameez, the women still dress in traditional garb; voluminous black dresses held tight round the waist with thick red belts, flamboyant head-dresses made of wool, decorated with cowry shells, old buttons, ...
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Kalash Guesthouse Rumbur, The Kalash

The Kalash Guesthouse Rumbur is our favourite place to stay while visiting the Kalash. Owned and run by our good friend Saifullah Jan, one of the chief spokespeople for the Kalash, it’s a lovely place…


Travel to Pakistan with like-minded people on one of our small group tours (usually max size 12), featuring knowledgeable local guides and an expert tour leader.


Pakistan: Hindu Kush Adventure

Travel from Islamabad up to the kingdom of Chitral to spend time with the Kalash people, before heading on to the spectacular Hunza Valley.
15 days from A$5,881

Pakistan: Summer Mountain Explorer

Travel from Islamabad through the Kaghan Valley and to the Deosai Plateau, Fairy Meadows, the Hunza Valley and meet the Kalash people. Certain departures include the Shandur Polo Festival.
21 days from A$7,021

Pakistan: Under a Pagan Moon

An adventurous winter departure celebrating the Winter Solstice Festival with the Kalash and the chance to search for snow leopards amidst stunning mountain scenery.
12 days from A$4,646

Complete Northern Pakistan

This exciting itinerary takes you beyond the highlights and delves deeper into this fascinating northern region of Pakistan, accessing some of the remotest areas and vast mountain landscapes, home to welcoming communities and unrivalled adventures.
23 days from A$7,885

Classic Northwest Frontier

The Northwest Frontier is the birthplace of Wild Frontiers and what a fabulous place at that! This tour gets you right up to the remote Chitral and the wonderful pagan Kalash tribe for a truly unforgettable trip.
13 days from A$4,465