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Norway Tours

A perfect winter destination, the Arctic landscapes of Norway present some of the most pristine and isolated environments left anywhere in the world. One of Europe’s last wild frontiers, it remains one of the most exciting destinations left in Europe, blessed with an incredible diversity of life and culture and a landscape of peerless beauty and majesty.

This is the land of reindeer herders and wandering polar bears, where the unique Northern Lights play out against the dark mantle of the polar night. Serene and untamed, it is a land of stunning contrasts, where the sweeping panoramas of the Arctic tundra present the ideal landscape to explore by dog sled and snowmobiles.

A world of ice and rock, this breathtaking landscape has been settled by humans since the Stone Age and, far from devoid of life, this wild and dramatic land is dotted with traditional fishing communities and indigenous cultures that have endured for generations. You can visit remote villages and enjoy the traditional hospitality of Saami families, or spend an evening at the famous Igloo Hotel in Alta made of ice. Amongst the seemingly inhospitable islands of the Lofoten archipelago, off Norway’s western coast, you can also find some of the richest bird colonies in the world, whilst the waters beneath you provide a bountiful hunting ground for orcas, whales and seals.