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Morocco Tours

There is something incredibly beautiful and magical about Berbers mounted astride their noble horses as they cross the deserts of Morocco. Not only do these people have incredibly beautiful horses, but survival of both horse and man depends on their strong bond of friendship, trust and respect.

Riding through the mountains and deserts of North Africa is something that has great appeal. The combination of rural settlements, rustic landscapes and tented overnight camps is unbeatable. The High Atlas Mountains provide breathtaking views while the heat of the Sahara is an experience on its own. The palm groves in valleys fed by rivers add splashes of green to the otherwise arid landscape. Local Kasbahs provide the perfect opportunity to get better acquainted with the Berber people and experience the true Morocco.

Our wonderful horse trek will take you well away from the main tourist routes and into the wild and arid mountains of Southern Morocco. Commencing at the spectacular, but seldom visited red sandstone Gorge du M’Gouna, the tour winds its way up into the Jebel Tandout region before descending to the desert to finish near Skoura.

On the way you will pass through rural Berber villages, walk along winding river trails and canter across the high plains. And what mounts you will be riding, when not on Wild Frontiers’ horse treks, these beautiful and spirited Arab-Barb stallions are used in the Moroccan film industry. And to cap it all, the trip will be backed-up by friendly and helpful guides, cooks and grooms.

For anyone with a joy of horse riding and adventure, this will prove an enthralling week’s holiday.