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The 22 Best Places to Visit in Ethiopia

With such cultural diversity, archaeological pedigree and natural beauty, there's a good reason why its a so high on the Wild Frontiers travel list.

Round Ethiopia with God and Garlic

Recently, travellers Anna Quarendon and Richard Draper joined us on the Ethiopia Timkat Festival tour and in place of providing us feedback, Anna wrote us a lovely poem of their journey, accompanied by some beautiful images taken by Richard.

11 Amazing things to do in Ethiopia

There are year-round adventures, experiences and things to do in Ethiopia, one of the most fascinating African destinations.

Places to Visit in Sub Saharan Africa

When it comes to natural beauty, unique wildlife and stunning vistas, Africa has it all. There’s nowhere else quite like it on the planet.

What Does An Ethiopia Travel Itinerary Look Like?

Unsure what an Ethiopian trip entails? Here's what an Ethiopia travel itinerary looks like with some of the scenic highlights that you can expect to see. We are highlighting these 6 scenic areas:

Jurassic Park - except monkeys, not dinosaurs...

An adventure 4200m in the making. Welcome... to Simien Park!

7 Reasons Why You Should Visit Ethiopia

Why visit Ethiopia? Why not! Find out the best things to do and experience in Ethiopia, from the delicious coffee to the Danakil Depression.

Just back from...Ethiopia

Travel Consultant Jamie recently embarked on a tour of Ethiopia and has lots to say about it.

Building a Future for the Children of Gendit, Ethiopia

For most of us travelling is, at the very least, thought-provoking and inspiring, but for some, it can be the catapult that sets them on an unexpected path.

Last Train to Addis

After the “Christmas Explorer” trip, Peter Heywood visited Dire Dawa and Awash with Wild Frontiers.

The Barefoot Emperor

Peter Heywood travelled to Ethiopia with Wild Frontiers on the “Christmas Explorer” trip.

What is Ethiopia Famous For

Wondering what Ethiopia is famous for? We're giving you an extensive list. Here's our A to Z of Ethiopia, one of Africa's undiscovered gems.

Ethiopian Cultural Food

Ethiopian Cultural Food is characterized by the ritual of breaking "injera" and sharing food from a common plate, signifying the bonds of loyalty and friendship. The traditional way of eating is with fingers. "Injera" is placed on the plate with variety of dishes decoratively arranged around it.

FCO Lifts Travel Bans in Ethiopia and Kenya

We're delighted to say that the FCO have lifted their travel restrictions for the Danakil Depression in Ethiopia and Lamu Island in Kenya.

Travelling in Ethiopia

Ethiopia has always been one of our favourite travel destinations and for very good reason - stunning scenery, extraordinary rock-cut churches and a fascinating history are just some of the highlights. However, recent internal issues in the country have led to a number of tour operators cancelling t…

Just Back From: Northern Ethiopia

Head of Sales James has just returned from our Ethiopia: Northern Explorer group tour. Read on to find out what his highlights were, from watching the sunset in the Gheralta to sampling typical Ethiopian dishes. Best view? This is a really tough one to answer as Ethiopia is just such a beautiful cou…

Ethiopia: Top Five Places to Stay

As one of Africa’s emerging tourist destinations, the perception of Ethiopia is that the accommodation is not up to the standard of the rest of the continent, whilst it is true that it doesn’t have the super-luxurious accommodation options that one would find in Tanzania, Botswana and South Africa, …

Ethiopia: a land of contrasts

Wild Frontiers offers a number of Ethiopia holidays, both group travel and tailor-made tours. The sheer size of many African countries means that travellers will often get to see a variety of landscapes. Botswana offers desert, open Savannah, wetlands and riverine terrain, whilst Kenya allows vis…

Tour In Focus: Ethiopia Northern Explorer

In our Tour In Focus blogs, we'll pick apart our most successful trips, highlighting the elements which make them unique and what is, in our opinion, the trip's most epic stop. To kick us off, we are looking at Ethiopia: Northern Explorer. Ethiopia was Wild Frontier's second ever destination, so we …

Taking the Tesfa Trek

Our new Africa consultant Peter is exploring Ethiopia. Here he describes his experience on the Tesfa (Tourism in Ethiopia for Sustainable Future Alternatives) Trek, one of the highlights of our Northern Explorer tour, whilst it can also be arranged on a tailor-made basis. For many seasoned travel…

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