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The situation in Cambodia

30th April 2020

Wild Frontiers' Naida, who is based in our Siem Reap office, gives us an update on what the situation is currently like in Cambodia.

For the most part, life in Cambodia has continued without much change. Aside from the Government enforced province border locks over Khmer New Year, there have been no enforced lockdown or restrictions. As of today, only 122 positive cases of Covid-19 have been recorded in Cambodia, with no new cases reported for the past 16 days. Out of the 122 cases, 119 have recovered with zero deaths.

I believe these figures are largely down to the country’s relatively small, mostly rural population, minimal public transport options, few shopping malls or arenas, and lack of mass group gatherings. Cambodians spend most of their time outside. 

The morale around town has been high, it has been heartwarming to see the lengths people will go to protect each other, even without enforced restrictions. Businesses have adjusted to the new ways to ensure social distancing is possible, those who are choosing to self-isolate have an abundance of food delivery options. Some restaurants and bars are still open, some have closed down, but mostly, the public seem to be doing their best to make sure the economy still continues.

On a personal note, I feel I am in the best place I can be during these uncertain times. I feel safe and proud of the way Cambodia and Cambodians have handled this situation. Only time will tell if Cambodia will come out relatively unscathed from Covid-19, but I know I am right where I need to be, in a place I’ve called home for the past 7 years. 


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