Where to eat in Tbilisi

Posted by Kenny Tieberghien 25th April 2024
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Where to eat in Tbilisi

Those who know Georgian food will agree that their cuisine is mouthwateringly good. Perhaps their food and wine are the main reason you'll want to travel all the way there - it may have been my biggest motivation to come to the easternmost parts of Europe to try it for myself. After having sampled some typical dishes at Georgian restaurants in London, I was even more excited about my trip to the Caucasus.

Tbilisi, Georgia’s fascinating capital, is the hotspot for gastronomy in the country and although you will find amazing Georgian food in even the smallest of towns, the quirky and gorgeously decorated restaurants are a big draw for Tbilisi.

Perhaps one of the coolest things about the Tbilisi restaurant scene is that many are hidden away, without any outdoor signage, in residential buildings or with facades that look nothing like a restaurant. Most of them have embraced the old and rusty ‘wabi-sabi’ look (a Japanese philosophy in which the ageing of objects or imperfections are loved and accepted), with grandma’s furniture, more indoor plants than your auntie, inconsistent artwork, walls which are painted in a way to make them look old, exposed brick… the restaurant interiors almost represent the feeling of this city - a dream for art lovers, creative people and those looking past imperfections to a better tomorrow.

All of the restaurants below have been personally tested and approved, and I’d be happy to come and try more if and when I’m invited (just in case any Tbilisi restaurateurs are reading):


A very classy restaurant located in a residential building and the food is very well presented. Be sure to try their range of Chacha cocktails (a local liquor).


Beautiful local cuisine with a great outdoor space, ideal in summertime!


Located in a residential neighbourhood. The main indoor space with a glass roof and piano in the middle is just the kind of gorgeous-looking restaurant that I would happily visit over and over. They serve delicious local Georgian cuisine with a modern twist.


A modern restaurant but one of the best places for Khinkali (the meat/vegetable dumplings) – and many of them!


Great for lighter dishes or afternoon coffee/tea. Beautiful, quirky interior (definitely check out the aquarium in the television).


Located in the basement of the Rustaveli theatre, local cuisine with no-frills but excellent food and generous portions (this is where the locals would take you!), the knight armour sitting next to modern paintings is an interesting addition, but somehow works.

In high season, I would advise calling ahead of time to make a booking as most of these restaurants are incredibly popular – even on weekdays!

Bon appetit!

Kenny Tieberghien

Kenny Tieberghien

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