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Photos that will make you want to visit Nicaragua

Posted by Hayley Cleeter 6th January 2020
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Nestled between Honduras and Costa Rica, Nicaragua has something for every kind of mood. Boasting an abundance of volcanoes and lakes (Nicaragua, after all, does mean 'land of lakes and volcanoes'), this little Latin American country offers plenty for the adventurous traveller. Sled down the side of a volcano kicking up ash in your wake or seek out the rare freshwater sharks in the depths of Nicaragua's picturesque lakes. For a more understated day, explore the likes of Grenada or Leon to check out the gorgeous colonial architecture, or retreat to the rainforest on the lookout for wildlife in all shapes and sizes. Don't forget to relax after all that with a trip to the beach! This destination really is the perfect place for outdoor activities and off-the-beaten-track travel, so make sure you visit before the secret gets out...






Hayley Cleeter

Hayley Cleeter

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