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Just back from...Oman

Posted by Daniel Steeger 9th July 2019
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Best view?

tours to oman

The best view was definitely from Jebel Akhdar (The Green Mountain). This is one of the highest points in Oman at just under 10,000 ft tall and the panoramic views over the ancient terraces are stunning.

Favourite dish?

what to eat in oman

Shuwa…an Omani delicacy prepared mostly special occasions, however some restaurants serve it year round. The method of preparation is elaborate. The meat is marinated with spices and then wrapped in banana or palm leaves. These are buried in an underground sand oven, which is covered with a lid to seal so that no smoke escapes. Some villages take 24 to 48 hours to cook the meat. It  becomes extremely tender and the spices give it a very distinct taste, usually served with rice. A must!

Best night’s accommodation?

The Turtle Beach Resort located on the southern coastline area of the Arabian Peninsula in the famous Ras Al Hadd area (known as a breeding ground for the Green turtles). I was lucky enough to witness Green Turtles laying eggs AND wtch the little turtles hatching and making their perilous first journey to the sea, only to be swept away into the great big ocean to fend for themselves.

Best activity?

Climbing the enormous dunes at the Wahiba Sands being kept relatively cool by a gentle breeze where we enjoyed the setting sun disappearing behind the horizon.

Any regrets?

Just not having enough time to explore! There is plenty to do in Oman whether it's trekking in the mountains or exploring the Empty Quarters, not to mention Musandam, which is full of fascinating tales. Of course, the list is long and you want as much time as possible to soak it all up. Someday I will go back to make sure I do.

Any tips for travellers?

Drink plenty of water all day, as often as you can. It is very easy to dehydrate in the extremely high temperatures during the summer months…

Favourite moment?

Swimming at the all different locations like the Bimmah sinkhole, at Wadi Bani Khalid or the White Beach

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