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Just Back From: Morocco

Posted by Heather Fisher 17th August 2015
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Heather from our Tailor Made Operations team is back from the Imperial Morocco tour. We caught up with her and here she shares some of her Moroccan moments of magic.

Best view

The Todra Gorge was very impressive. After passing through abandoned forts, mud huts and a string of palm trees, you emerge into a valley with 300 metre high natural walls either side, providing such much needed shade from the desert heat.

Favourite dish

Tagines! I was less sure of the sweet ones that mixed fruits such as apricots and prunes with meats, but I particularly loved a lamb and tomato one I tried in the High Atlas Mountains. Couscous is another dish that should not be missed when in Morocco – you’ll have to wait for a Friday though as this is when it’s traditionally served and therefore tastes the best!

Best excursion

Travelling from Fez to the Roman city of Volubilis, where stork nests sit atop the ancient ruins. Be prepared – it’s a hot day as you are completely out in the open, but it’s well worth it.

Any regrets?

That I didn’t make it further south into the less explored desert around m’Hamid, or further north to visit the Blue City of Chefchaouen.

Also, that I don’t speak any French or Arabic. Moroccans speak a little English around touristy areas, but less so in rural places. I could only recall my limited school French!

Tips for travellers

At the fishing port by Essaouira, you can buy fresh fish from the fishermen then take it directly to be BBQ-ed right by the coast, to eat freshly grilled with bread and olives. Delicious.

I’d also advise women to dress respectfully around smaller towns or rural areas – wear trousers and longer sleeves.

Favourite moment

I’ll give you an interesting one: arriving at the tanneries in Fez and wondering why I was handed a sprig of mint, only to head in and discover it was a gesture to counteract the strong stench of pigeon poo used in the process. It was pretty beautiful to look across at tons of muddy brown and red clay pots for dyeing leather though.

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