Best Family Activities to Enjoy in Peru

19th July 2022
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Best Family Activities to Enjoy in Peru

SUP - Stand-up Paddle Board

The view of Peru's pristine alpine lakes is never better than when you are standing and this is a relaxing and healthy way to explore such gems as Lake Huaypo above the Sacred Valley. At our watersports center families are fully kitted out in cold water gear and our base has a warm shower and a specially cooked meal waiting for your family after the paddling is done. 

Ebiking the Sacred Valley

The historic dirt road that winds along the banks of the beautiful Urubamba River is an ideal place for the family to get out and ride together. And at altitude, our full suspension E-Mountain Bikes are the ticket, letting the motor or your legs work as hard or as easy as you wish as you ride from quaint villages through farmland and along the banks of the river. 

White-Water Rafting in Apurimac Canyon

Nothing bonds a family like paddling white water in one of the deepest canyons in the world. Our expert guides and safety kayakers keep everyone in sync and the green water and white beaches of the Apurimac River, and headwaters of the Amazon are not only a fun ride but a memorable experience with a great picnic lunch, river otters and a hidden waterfall as a bonus. 

Hiking to the Secret Inca Ruins around Cusco

This easy trek is perfect for the entire family. No need to fight crowds to see unique history and amazing Inca engineering. Our 2-4 hour downhill hike passes empty Inca villages and even an Inca prison and tombs. The hiking is bordered by gorgeous views of Inca terracing and a crystal stream and can finish at our waiting 4x4 or continue right into the heart of Cusco.

Canoeing on Lake Titicaca

Motorboat tours are great, and kayaks are very popular, but how about an old-school exploration of this historic body of water where the ancient Inca mythology was born? Not only is it great exercise, but also great for cutting through the coastal reed grass that made the infamous floating islands possible. You might also find some water bird nests and the views across the lake you will never forget.

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