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Sam’s first real travelling experiences were after he finished college. A greyhound bus journey from Texas to California followed by 6 months volunteering with conservation research in South Africa. The following year he moved to South Africa to train as a safari guide where he had the opportunity to travel the country as well visit Zambia and Zimbabwe. Sam then returned to the UK to study a degree in Wildlife Photography followed by a master’s degree in Conservation. For his master’s degree, he travelled across Kenya carrying out research focussed on understanding the impact of climate change on wildlife in Africa. During his studies, he organised as many trips as he could including Morocco, Oman, Finland, Borneo and Indonesia and recently visited Japan.


Q: Favourite city

A: Tokyo – Surprisingly peaceful. Amazing food and culture.

Q: Favourite country

A: South Africa – Incredible beaches, cities and wildlife. Also, nothing beats African sundowners.

Q: Favourite meal

A: Anything cooked on a braai.

Q: Most memorable journey

A: Texas to California. Travelling along Route 66 surviving on a diet of pancakes and lucky charms and listening to people’s stories on the greyhound bus.

Q: Favourite travel advice

A: See what direction the other tourists are going in and go the other way. Also always take your sleeping bag as hand luggage for those unexpected flight delays.

Q: Next on my must-see list

A: Wild dogs and Kubu Island in Botswana, baobabs in Madagascar and jaguars in the Pantanal.

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