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Sarah has been working in travel industry for the past 9 years, since graduating in Travel and Tourism Management at Derby University. Through her career so far, she has travelled and attended some amazing events including World Cups in both South Africa and Brazil. From an early age Sarah decided to work in the travel industry, with her first overseas representation job coming at the age of 15. She is looking forward to exploring different destinations and learning more about the adventure travel industry with Wild Frontiers.


Q: Favourite city:

A: Barcelona – for the Ramblas, the Sagrada Familia, the Nou Camp and of course the amazing Tapas!

Q: Favourite country:

A: South Africa - There is just so much to see and do

Q: Favourite meal:

A: A Brazilian Churrascarias

Q: Most memorable journey:

A: Last summer I took the “scenic” route from Paris to Nice and spent 9 hours aboard the train, the views especially of the Côte D’Azur are special.

Q: Favourite travel advice:

A: Research your destination and learn as much as you can about the places to see and things to do before you travel. Knowledge is power.

Q: Next on must-see list:

A: Japan

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