Responsible travel and sustainable tourism is an ethos Wild Frontiers has been committed to since our birth. Our adventures are designed with the local people, culture and eco-system in mind. We believe that a successful trip not only delivers a unique and unsurpassable journey for our clients, but that it also benefits the peoples whose lands we are privileged to visit.

The Wild Frontiers Foundation

In order to facilitate an enduring support structure for the communities we visit, and to show a commitment to these values, in January 2009 Wild Frontiers set up a charitable foundation through which we can channel funds to both existing NGOs and our own development projects. In addition to organising ethically sensitive tours, having our own charitable foundation allows us to raise money – through the cost of our tours, charity trips and fund raising events – which can then be used to fund various projects in education, sanitation, reforestations and a number of other important issues facing developing communities. Wherever possible we are happy for our clients to visit these projects to see for themselves where and how this money is being spent. This is a very exciting development for us and something we hope in time will become a major part of our organisation.

Read more about The Wild Frontiers Foundation.

Aid agencies and NGOs we help support.

Tesfa: Founded and run by former Wild Frontiers guide Mark Chapman, Tesfa is an excellent community based tourist project in Ethiopia. Visit their website at
Adopt-a-Minefield: With more than 830 square kilometres of land left to clear of this deadly menace, Afghanistan is the most heavily mined country in the world. Find out more at:
The Hope Foundation, Calcutta: The Hope Foundation works to help the street children of Calcutta by providing education, nutrition and health care and ultimately removing them from the street into better lives.
Ladakh Project: Established in 1975, the Ladakh Project has been helping the people of Ladakh explore sustainable patterns of development, based on the use of local resources and indigenous knowledge. For more info, please click here

Mines Advisory Group, Cambodia: The Mines Advisory Group (MAG) clears and destroys the landmines and weapons that make areas unsafe after war. Today, they have field activities in Angola , Azerbaijan , Cambodia , northern Iraq , Laos , Lebanon , Somaliland, southern Sudan and Vietnam.

Shuxiong Schools Fund:  Wild Frontiers Leader and Tibet expert, Carol Turner, has set up schools and educational projects for Tibetan children for many years in Eastern Tibet, Bhutan and recently in the harsh environment of Zanskar, Ladakh where the community school in Rangdum has been given a vehicle to transport the children to school in all weather conditions.

Children of the Caucasus: Set up and run by the British Georgiaphile, Peter Nysmith, this is a great little charity that helps orphaned children of Georgia and the Caucasus through art, theatre and education.

Carbon Offsetting: Trying to do our bit for the environment, in 2005 we were among the first UK-based travel companies to automatically offset every client’s international flight (if booked with us) with a payment to Carbon Clear to help promote sustainable energy.